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October 14, 2010


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Indian T.v Serials

Well I’ve had good and bad experiences from American Airlines. As an Executive Platinum member they’ve always been great to me, and often go above and beyond. I was involved in an accident on the way to the airport in November last year and called up AA. They were excellent at sorting out alternative flights etc all without any additional cost to me (despite flying on cheap tickets). I think a lot depends on who you speak to and how you approach the situation.

Chris Petersen

Hey Joel ... thanks for your comment.

Couldn't agree more with your point about referral marketing based on exceptional experience.

Adam's post provides timely insights into how to address your point: "quickly addressing any area of your business that is not performing".

Both aspects of consumer service are incredibly important in today's age of real time social media.

Cheers, Chris

Joel Norton

Hi Adam, great post, thank you.

I agree with your closing remark that it's much better to focus on delivering an excellent customer experience in the first place, rather than try to fix something after the fact.

Customer experience is becoming increasingly important - not just to keep our customers loyal but also as a form of winning new customers. Referral marketing is becoming increasingly important, and first and foremost it stems from delivering an exceptional experience every time. If you identify an area in your business that is not performing, you need to address it quickly.

Cheers, Joel

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